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Modern jewels for women and men, selected with love from Spain and that arrive at any point of the peninsula and Mallorca in 24 hours. Buying jewelry online has never been so simple.

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Great selection of earrings, the trendiest Jewelery of the Internet, made with love for you.

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At Brudett we are aware of the great changes of look that occur every year, we are always up to date with our gold and silver rings

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Introducing the new collection of Brudett necklaces. Choose from all Brudett necklaces and enjoy your coolest look.

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Discover in our Brudett collection of bracelets for men and women the latest modern and avant-garde designs. The new trend in fashion is worn on the wrist.

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Our selection of Brudett watches combines passion, quality and exclusivity. Designed to combine with your trendy looks. Get ready to dazzle with our elegant gold, silver and rose gold watches.

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Why Brudett?

Our commitment to quality has led us to eliminate all types of intermediaries. Our affordable and trendy jewelry goes from the workshop to your destination in just 24 hours and, if you’re not 100% happy with the Brudett experience , we’ll refund your money or we send you a new jewel.

Online Jewelry

Elegance and style have their own name, Brudett. Yes, as you are reading. In a single brand you can find the fashion jewelry that you like the most, the one that best defines you and the one that helps you express the best of you. In a few simple steps we sum up what is the path to happiness that brings to wear the most beautiful jewelry in the market. Are you ready? Well let’s start!

Online Jewelry and Jewels close to you.

If you are looking for fine and at the same time groundbreaking jewelry, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our website and discover everything on your own that Brudett can offer you. Tell us, are you one of those women who like to go shopping alone? Or on the other side, do you prefer to go shopping with your friends, who are the most honest in the world and tell you if something suits you or not? Whatever, we encourage you all to meet the brand that is creating a trend in the world of online jewelry.

On our website you can find all products and accessories that you like the most, such as jewelry earrings that are fashionable at the moment. If what you have in mind is a long and fun slope, here you can find them. If, on the other hand, you prefer black earrings, very elegant and sophisticated for a wedding, you are in the ideal place. Or if you are one of those people with their own personal style that likes red earrings, we keep saying the same, welcome home!

As you can see, our jewelry shop offers a great variety, as well as high quality products. If you still do not know whether to choose between the gold or silver earrings, be quiet. We are here to help you choosing that product that will draw a smile in your mouth when you receive it at home. You can consult us whenever you want and we will give you the best tips to make the best purchase of the week.

Affordable online jewelry in Brudett.

You have just become an expert in Brudett costume jewelry and you know all our earrings and necklaces perfectly. Now, the time has come to start choosing the ones that you like the most and add them to the shopping cart.

In Brunett you can find unique pieces, with their own style and that will maximize your personality. Discover the cross-shaped earrings or the hoop earrings, which are becoming fashionable now and show your urban side. Or those maxi earrings that will make you the soul of the party. Dazzle with a sterling silver ring with message, so fine but at the same time so sophisticated.

But do not settle only with buying the best accessories for you and give very special pieces to the people around you. Is your best friend’s birthday soon and you do not know what to give her as a present? Choose a fine and very simple pendant, with that decorative drawing that you both like (the typical cactus, a heart, a star …) and become “pendant friends” wearing the same as a symbol of friendship. Your BFF will appreciate it forever and will always carry your necklace with her.

Could we give a ring or a pendant to a friend? Yes of course. lately, it is becoming very fashionable for men to wear an accessory with this style. Because jewelry does not have to be a woman’s thing, in Brudett you’ll find ideal mens rings. And not only rings, but men’s necklaces are also causing a stir among the male audience. Haven’t you seen the costume jewelry we offer you on our website? Well, do not wait any longer and discover the most original accessories for boys.

In Brudett we have what you are looking for, because thanks to our wide range of products, we have the perfect model for every woman. Our accessories are adapted to all lifestyles and follow the day to day, so busy at times, but so adventurous others.

Are you going to wear those fuchsia earrings that combine so well with your new dress? And with that long necklace that you can wear every day to go to the office? Do not think any longer about it and get the earrings and fashion necklaces that will make you shine with your own light at every moment. We will tell you a secret: We love all the products you have selected and we are convinced that you will look great with whatever you wear.

Buy the fashion jewelry you like the most.

And the most awaited moment arrived for all, that in which you press “buy” to all the products on the cart. Now, you are only thinking about receiving it at home as soon as possible and start showing it from the first day, right?

Surely you see yourself being the envy of your friends with the pink earrings from Brudett, combined with black skinny jeans and a blouse. Everyone will ask you where you bought those original pendant earrings. It is your decision to share the secret with them or save it just for you.

Furthermore, you will receive your Brudette order before you can realize it. We have different methods of payment and shipping, so we have no problem to adapt us to your needs 100%.

And if you want to take advantage of all the promotions we have on jewelry and take home the best affordable jewelry yet, you can sign up for our newsletter. We also invite you to follow us on our Social Networks to be up to date with all the promotions, discounts and new products that we will be launching. Be the first to find out about all the new Brudett accessories and jewelry and get rings, bracelets, pendants and fashion earrings before anyone else.

Enjoy a unique jewel.

Ding, dong! They ring on your doorbell. You already know who it is, right? Yes, that special order from your online favorite jewelry shop Brudett, has finally arrived. You run through the door to open it with a huge smile that floods the entrance of your apartment. The delivery man looks at you astonished, but immediately understands that the package he is delivering is not just a simple one.

As soon as you close the door you go straight to your room thinking: Today I will wear everything! Then, you are ready to start with the unboxing and doing so, you discover that the jewels you have ordered are even more beautiful in person than on the website. The golden hoop earrings are perfect for the blue dress you wanted to wear that weekend to have dinner with some friends. The zirconia ring combines perfectly with all your clothes to go to work and gives a very chic touch. And that infinity symbol pendant makes you and us crazy, since it is ideal for every occasion and conveys something different to the rest. You will never want to take it off!

So you know already, enjoy every day of high quality costume jewelry and fashion accessories, which fit perfectly with your style, with all Brudett products.